Product Studio Isolated Shots

24 Feb 2010

Quick post of something that continually comes up as a question from photographers that see some of my studio work. "How can an economy-minded photographer setup an 'isolated on white' studio setting?"

All you need is... I won't get into lighting gear right now, because that truly is more involved and whether your a Strobist follower or have an entire studio lighting setup. However, the answer for the starting studio photographer looking to capture objects on pure white backgrounds need look no further than the local hobby store. With a budget of $5 to $10, pick up and many of those smooth, white foam core boards you can. These things are great, and they're more handy that you might initially think!

The Setup In addition to providing a base white platform, three panels surrounding a small object enclose everything in white (assuming the light is overhead) and you've got the makings of your very first and quite effective white background setup.

Alternative Uses Another use for the foam core boards when not in use for small product/object photography is for portraiture reflectors. Within all reason, the foam core board's reflectance isn't as great as say, a Photoflex LiteDisc, but in a pinch or on a budget, they certainly work!

More to come, and some example setup photos as well. Stay tuned!